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    About NSGC

    NSGC Leadership

    2016 Board of Directors

    Jehannine C. Austin, PhD, MSc, CGC, CCGC
    Mary E. Freivogel
    President Elect
    Laura J. Conway, PhD, MS, CGC
    Joy Larsen Haidle, MS, CGC
    Immediate Past President
    Monica Magee Marvin
    Secretary/Treasurer Elect
    Carrie Lynn Blout, MS, CGC
    MaryAnn Campion
    Katherine Dunn
    Erynn Gordon, MS, CGC
    Kaylene Ready, MS, CGC
    Daniel Riconda, MS, CGC
    Sara Hammer Riordan, MS, CGC
    Meghan Carey
    Executive Director, ex officio



    Marketing & Communications Workgroup

    Education Committee

    AEC Subcommittee

    Continuing Education Review Subcommittee

    Public Policy Committee

    Practice Guidelines Committee

    Access & Service Delivery Committee

    Membership Committee

    Finance Committee

    Nominating Committee

    Ethics Advisory Group

    • Curtis Coughlin II, Chair
    • Rawan Awwad
    • Stephanie Gandomi
    • Nancy Hanson
    • Sandy Prucka
    • Kelli Swan
    • Carin Lea Yates 
    • Lisa Parker, PhD, Ethics Consultant

    Jane Engleberg Memorial Fellowship (JEMF) Advisory Group

    • Leslie Evans, Chair
    • Melanie Meyers, Secretary
    • Maureen Smith, Finance Officer
    • Dawn Allain, Information Officer, Travel Committee
    • Lauren Hache, Travel Committee
    • Beverly Yashar
    • Gillian W. Hooker 
    • Daniel Riconda, Board Liaison

    Audrey Heimler Special Project Award Committee

    • Heather Zierhut
    • Jodie Vento
    • Darbey Raible   


    2016 Special Interest Groups

    • ART/Infertility: Andria Besser and Alyssa Snider
    • Cardiovascular Genetics: Brittney Murray and Sara Fitzgerald-Butt
    • Cystic Fibrosis/CFTR  Spectrum: Barbara Karczeski and Matthew Pastore
    • Education: Shraddha Gaonkar and Carrie Guy
    • Cancer: Sara Pirzadeh-Miller and Victoria Raymond
    • Genomic Technologies: Kelly Farwell Hagman and Kimberly Banks
    • Health IT: Megan Frone and Willonie Mendonca
    • Industry: Darci Sternen and Kate L. Wilson
    • International: Jennifer Fitzpatrick and Yue Guan
    • Metabolism/LSD: Lauren McNair Baggett and Katherine Stoate
    • Neurogenetics: Jennifer Roggenbuck and Amanda Bergner
    • Pediatric: Rebecca Okashah
    • Personalized Medicine: Sarah Kalia and Shana White
    • Prenatal: Shannon Wieloch and Cori Feist
    • Psychiatric Disorders: Carmela Thompson and Hannah White
    • Public Health: Amy Gaviglio and Andrea Durst
    • Research: Gillian Hooker and Morgan Similuk
    • Student/New GC: Katlin Allsbrook and Monica Helm

    NSGC Executive Office | 330 N. Wabash Avenue, Suite 2000 | Chicago, IL 60611 | (312) 321-6834 |