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    Awards & Grants

    Audrey Heimler Special Project Award

    The Audrey Heimler Special Project Award (AHSPA) provides an annual award to one or more genetic counselors for project(s) that focus on the future of the genetic counseling profession and/or the provision of genetic services.  Past projects have included resources for genetic counselors to use with patients, research to help advance the profession and innovative continuing education resources for genetic counselors in current practice.

    Projects are reviewed on the basis of their merit and strength as well as on their vision of the future of the profession. Applicants must be members in good standing of NSGC.

    Submit an AHSPA Application

    The deadline for the 2015 Audrey Heimler Special Projects Award (AHSPA) was May 15, 2015. Additional information for applicants and application instuctions are available here


    Click here to view AHSPA award recipients.

    Donate to AHSPA!

    Your donation to AHSPA will provide support for innovative projects that advance the genetic counseling profession. To donate by mail (check payment only), please download and complete a donation form by clicking here

    To donate online, please click here.

    AHSPA Committee

    • Natalie Street- Chair
    • Shanna Gustafson  
    • Rosemarie Keefe
    • Darbey Raible
    • Jodie Vento
    • Heather Zierhut

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