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    Your Genetic Health:
    Patient Information

    “Patients benefit from speaking to another person, skilled not only in the medical information given, but as another compassionate resource to repeat the information presented by physicians and nurses.” - Physician Testimonial

    Want to know more about how genetic counseling can benefit you and your family

    Genetic counselors use their specialized education in both medical genetics and counseling to give you the personalized help you need when it comes to you and your family’s genetic health. Genetic counselors can work with you – and your physician – to understand complex genetic information and help you make informed decisions.

    Learn more about genetic counselors and the services they provide.

    Learn more and find out the answers to the questions you may have about genetic counselors with these Frequently Asked Questions by patients.  

    Find a Genetic Counselor Near You. 

    Use NSGC’s convenient, online Find a Genetic Counselor directory to locate a genetic counselor near you.

    Access Helpful Tools and Resources.

    The resources and tools below provide additional information on genetic health issues, family history and how a genetic counselor can help you and your family:

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