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    NSGC Online Education

    Do you need to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?

    All of the opportunities below have been approved for Category 1 CEUs by the National Society of Genetic Counselors. CEUs earned through these opportunities will be accepted by the American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC) for purposes of Genetic Counselor recertification.

    Advantages of Online Education

    While online learning can never replace offerings at the NSGC Annual Education Conference (AEC), it does have numerous benefits including:

    • Convenience – Participants can listen to presentations on their own schedule, any time of day.
    • Increased information retention – Since each of us learn at our own time and pace, the amount of information retained from the presentation is often greater.
    • Lower overall cost – Since there is no instructor or travel involved, the cost of online education is substantially less than learning similar material in a traditional setting.

    Accessing Online Courses

    Need to access online courses that you have already purchased? Please login to the NSGC website and visit the Online Learning Portal here. 

    NSGC Online Educational Opportunities

    Please click on the programs listed below to be taken to specific information about the program.  Prior to purchasing the online educational programs, please view the system requirements FAQs.

    Please note:  availability date indicates the last date that CEUs may be earned for the program.

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    Business Foundations for Genetic Counselors Bundle
    Business Foundations for Genetic Counselors Bundle

    Build the foundation for your success now. Start with an introduction to the complexities of Insurance and Credentialing and then move on to master Billing and Coding. With the help of NSGC’s new series, you can succeed in today’s healthcare environment.

    Receive access to both Insurance and Credentialing 101 and Billing and Coding for one low rate!

    Learn more about Insurance and Credentialing 101 here

    Learn more about Billing and Coding here

    Business Foundations Webinar
    Business Foundations Webinar

    Title: Business Foundations for Genetic Counselors: A Bigger Piece of the Pie: Advocating for additional resources for your service

    When: June 25, 2014 from 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Central Time

    CEU: 1.5 Contact Hours of .015 CEUs

    The purpose of this webinar is to demonstrate ways to advocate for genetic counselors and genetic counseling services.  

    Learning Objectives:

    • Address the importance of demonstrating genetic counselor value and discuss how to negotiate for institutional resources with both clinicians and administrators.
    • Demonstrate and analyze various options on how to show significance of genetic counselor services while asking for support using data, marketing resources, and concrete documentation.
    • Examine available resources and tools that can be used in advocating for more institutional support and explore real-life experiences from other genetic counselors.

    Webinar Description & Information

    Insurance and Credentialing
    Insurance and Credentialing

    Course Details:

    • Includes a series of online, on-demand modules covering information regarding insurance coverage for genetic counseling services and the credentialing process for genetic counselors (3 CEUs).
    • Provides access to downloadable resource materials including a quick reference guide, a glossary of insurance and credentialing terms, and a model policy for credentialing genetic counselors.
    • Includes access to an exclusive discussion forum for course participants to pose questions and discuss issues related to insurance and credentialing.
    • Includes free access to periodic webinars in which genetic counselors and insurance and credentialing professionals will share practical information for obtaining coverage for genetic counseling, tips for becoming credentialed, and updates on genetic counselor service delivery that occur this year. Webinars will be archived for on-demand or repeat viewing by course participants.

    Course Description & Information

    Billing and Coding
    Billing and Coding

    Course details:

    • Includes didactic, self-paced, online modules covering information about coding and billing for genetic counselors(0.225 CEUs).
    • Provides free access to periodic webinars that offer new information and updates and include the opportunity for live Q&A. Webinars will be archived for on-demand or repeat viewing by course participants.
    • Includes access to downloadable resource materials including a quick reference guide, and a glossary of billing and coding terms.
    • Includes exclusive access to the Billing and Coding Course Discussion Forum where a coding and billing expert will answer your questions. All questions will be documented and archived in a database for subscribers.

    Course Description & Information

    Incorporating Technology Into Genetic Counseling Practice
    Incorporating Technology Into Genetic Counseling Practice

    The 2014 NSGC Online Course: Incorporating Technology Into Genetic Counseling Practice is now available for purchase! This online course is designed to assist genetic counselors in maximizing technology in their clinical practice.  Lectures will cover a variety of topics including telegenetics, test selection, social media, patient outcome measurement and the electronic health record. 

    Course Objectives:

    • Describe benefits and challenges associated with implementing telemedicine for genetic counseling.
    • Evaluate available technology to aid in test selection and interpretation.
    • Implement technology in practice in order to identify new patients for referral and more efficiently prepare for new patient visits.

    Course Description and Information

    Career Advancement and Professional Development
    Career Advancement and Professional Development

    After participating in Career Advancement and Professional Development: Finding, Creating, and Cultivating Opportunities online sessions, attendees will be able to:

    • Assess whether their current position is effectively aligned with their long term career goals and objectives.
    • Identify their personal strengths in the field of genetic counseling and opportunities for both  personal and professional growth and development within the field.
    • Examine opportunities to enhance their genetic counseling career via involvement in mentorship, research, and genetic counseling training programs, and other opportunities.

    Course Description & Information

    Available for CEUs until 05/25/2015

    2014 Journal of Genetic Counseling CEU Program
    2014 Journal of Genetic Counseling CEU Program

    Registration for the 2014 JGC/CEU Program is now open!

    After participating in the 2014 Journal of Genetic Counseling CEU Program, attendees will be able to:

    • Review the theories relating to the practice of genetic counseling.
    • Examine different counseling approaches used in a genetic counseling session.
    • Analyze the effectiveness and impact of genetic counseling.
    • Recognize how genetic counseling skills and theories can impact other health care fields.
    • Identify areas of current research occurring within the field of genetic counseling.

    Course Description & Information

    Access Journal Articles for Volume 23

    Why Choose Just One Gene? Large Panel Tests for Genetic Conditions
    Why Choose Just One Gene? Large Panel Tests for Genetic Conditions

    After participating in the Why choose just one gene? Large panel tests for genetic conditions online sessions, attendees will be able to:

    • Describe availability of and general recommendations for multi-gene panel testing in various genetic counseling settings
    • Explain the benefits and limitations of multi-gene panel testing with regard to diagnosis and management.
    • Examine the potential ethical implications and future directions of multi-gene panel testing.

    Course Description & Information

    Available for CEUs until 06/04/2016


    After participating in the Genomics online sessions, attendees will be able to:

    • Demonstrate basic genomic literacy and understand the epidemiological factors involved in genomic testing.
    • Understand the variety of genomic tests available and identify their utility with regard to screening, diagnosis and management of disease.
    • Describe general recommendations for and the ethical implications of genomic testing.

    Course Description & Information

    Available for CEUs until 09/31/2015

    Common Disease in the Family History
    Common Disease in the Family History

    After participating in The Common Disease in the Family History online sessions, attendees will be able to:

    • Identify patterns of common diseases (such as diabetes, autism, hearing loss, and cancer) in the family history.
    • Interpret family history information to determine the familial risk and recurrence estimates for their patients.
    • Determine appropriate testing and/or referrals for patients with a family history of common disorders.
    • Describe clinical and research treatment options for common diseases.

    Course Description & Information

    Available for CEUs until 06/26/2016

    Annual Education Conference (AEC) Recordings

    2013 AEC and Pre-Conference Symposia Recordings
    available for CEUs until 1/27/2016 

    2012 AEC and Pre-conference Symposia Recordings                           
    Available for CEUs until 01/11/2015                                        

    Jane Engelberg Memorial Fellowship (JEMF) Sponsored Education

    Genetic Counseling Cultural Competence Toolkit Cases       
    Available for CEUs until 02/01/2015                                     

    JEMF Online Grant Writing Course 
    Not CEU eligible

    JEMF Master Genetic Counselor Series
    A resource for use in peer supervision groups and individually to promote a reflective practice.  



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