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    State Licensure for Genetic Counselors

    NSGC has developed resources for state licensure that include draft sunrise applications and model legislative language. The NSGC public policy staff has experience negotiating legislation with legislators and stakeholders and help develop legislation and work with members to develop strategies to successfully pursue state licensure.

    NSGC approved guiding principles around licensure to provide national guidance to genetic counselors who are attaining licensure in their respective states. NSGC will formally support efforts in states that pursue legislation aligned with these principles and encourages using our experienced lobbyists.

    The Principles explain the critical elements of state licensing legislation. NSGC’s developed Principles and model language to ensure uniformity among the nation’s genetic counselors so that laws regulating the practice of genetic counseling are widely applied. Uniformity may provide greater flexibility between states in how genetic counselors practice, and most importantly, ensure the highest quality services. Although the actual structure of legislation may vary between states, the essence of the legislation should be as uniform as possible.

    The Principles are organized as most licensure laws are written, beginning with a series of definitions, followed by qualifications for licensure; supervision requirements for counselors with temporary licenses; continuing education requirements; scope of practice; title protection; and the infrastructure of how the license will be administered.

    If you are interested in pursuing licensure in your state, please contact for additional information.

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