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    Find a Genetic Counselor

    NSGC's Find a Genetic Counselor directory has been developed to assist physicians, patients and other genetic counselors in locating genetic counseling services and for students curious about the profession. Genetic Counselors can be searched by State, City, Counselor's Name, Work Setting, Type of Specialty or Zip Code. We hope you find this service helpful. 

    Additional Resources and Information

    Information on Services of a Genetic Counselor

    • Different patient services that each counselor serves are listed under the counselor's name. Definition of services. 
    • Most counselors will perform a brief intake to determine whether or not an appointment for a genetic consultation would be of benefit to you. Longer consultations by phone are usually not possible.
    • A scheduled appointment would be necessary to discuss your concerns. 
    • Each center varies with regard to referral requirements, payment methods, and services.

    Disclaimer of Warranties and Liabilities

    The NSGC Find A Counselor directory is not a referral service but rather a service to provide an up-to-date list of NSGC members. The NSGC makes no representation or warranty about the professional skills of those genetic counselors listed in the directory, nor does the NSGC accept or assume any responsibility for the services they provide.

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    Search Tips: 

    • The "First Name" and "Last Name" fields should only be used if you know the name of the genetic counselor you are looking to contact.
    • If you do not return any results within your zip code, try searching just by state.
    • Students interested in contacting a genetic counselor about the profession should check the "Student Contact Welcome" box.

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